Animating village life in Georgia

On Rural Women’s Day, UNDP salutes women activists who improve community life in rural Georgia  

It’s teatime in Guria

Reviving the tea culture of western Georgia breathes new life into local tourism  

UNDP drives innovation in fleet management through IoT

Partnership with Microsoft helped us bring onboard a new technology to better manage our vehicles, keep people safe and reduce emissions.  

COVID-19 puts local governance to the test

In Georgia’s pandemic response, civic activists are vital partners for local authorities  

Where yesterday meets tomorrow

Celebrating over a century of Georgian women's contribution to technology and science.  

Recycling is nothing but closing the loop

Behavioural science helps find the missing links in managing plastic waste in Rustavi  

Live your life to the fullest

A woman ranger pursues her dream and shatters gender myths in her profession  

Chemistry of Wine

Growing wine business in Georgia creates career opportunities for rural women.  

I can ask “How are you?”

The demand for disability-sensitive services is rising in Georgia. Sign language is now part of public service delivery but there is still a long way to go building the inclusive society.  

SDG Festival 2019

Georgia's remote and rural regions are exploring new opportunities for sustainable development  

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