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Consolidating Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia

Support to the Parliament of Georgia and Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Ajara in strengthening their performance and ensuring sustainable institutional development.  

EU Inovative Action for Private Sector Competitiveness In Georgia

Increasing capacities of the Georgian Government and local entrepreneurship to enhance private sector competitiveness in Georgia.  

Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Strengthening capacities of Georgia’s government to implement commitments undertaken under the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities  


Development and implementation of the low emission and climate resilient policies in the Eastern Partnership countries.  

Mediation and Arbitration

A joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and UNDP to promote the use of fair and efficient mediation and arbitration in commercial disputes, enhance professionalism of Georgian mediators and…  

Strengthening the Climate Adaptation Capacities in Georgia

Assistance to develop a system for multi-hazard risk knowledge for effective climate risk management in Georgia.  

Enhancing Financial Sustainability of the Protected Areas System in Georgia

Supporting financial sustainability of twelve protected areas in Georgia.  

Reducing the risk of climate-driven disasters in Georgia

Assistance to the Government of Georgia to establish an integrated climate risk management system in Georgia  

Supporting Peace & Development in the South Caucasus

Assistance to the UN Country Teams in the South Caucasus on crisis preparedness and peacebuilding programming.  

Media Monitoring

Professional media research to promote media diversity and journalistic standards, and build the watchdog functions of civil society at a time of elections.  

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