Georgian Parliament Reveals Its Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan

Sep 1, 2017

Photo: Daro Sulakauri/UNDP

Strengthening human rights protection mechanisms, especially of social and economic rights, protection of the rights of vulnerable groups and provision of equality are major goals of the 2017-2020 Strategy and 2017-2018 Action Plan of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of Georgian Parliament.

The presentation of these two strategic documents was attended by members of the Parliament, government, judiciary, diplomats accredited in Georgia, international organizations, NGOs, civil society and press. The event was supported by the European Union and UNDP joint project “Human Rights for All”. 

Chairperson of the Committee, Sophie Kiladze; Head of Political, Press and Information Section of the EU Delegation to Georgia, Dorota Dlouchy–Suliga, and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Shombi Sharp, addressed the attendees.

"Today we introduce an important document which will be the main working guide for the Committee throughout the forthcoming years. We did our best to prepare most refined, realistic and comprehensive document, reflecting recommendations of various relevant government and civil society organizations, with whom we consulted the Strategy and Action Plan. I would like to thank each person who contributed to the development of those important documents. I would like to personally confirm that me and my committee members will do our best to fulfil each direction outlined in the Strategy and Action Plan, making human rights protected and guaranteed by law in our country," –  Sophie Kiladze said.

Representative of the EU Delegation to Georgia stressed that human rights are at the core of the EU-Georgia relations. “The Parliament, and in particular it's Human Rights Committee, provides the legal framework for the human rights institutions and mechanisms. These are important for protecting all, including vulnerable groups, from human rights violations. The committee also plays a role in promoting social and economic rights. We commend that the new strategy and action plan include these priorities as the Committee's principle and guiding vision,” - Dorota Dlouchy –Suliga said.

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative pointed out that the new action plan sets the ground for helping ensure the rights of all Georgian citizens, with special regard to minorities, women and children. “This reflects well Georgia’s international commitments, including the global Sustainable Development Goals and recommendations from United Nations human rights bodies, to all of its people. And it’s important to note that the action plan resulted from a wide process of consultation between Parliament and local civil society, international organisations and other national partners, giving us confidence that the ambitious objectives will be fully translated into Georgian reality”, Shombi Sharp noted.

The Chairperson of the Committee presented the priorities set in the Strategy and Action Plan of the Committee and outlined the ongoing important projects of the Committee, such as the Code of Child Rights, institutional reform of social workers and amendments to the Code of Labour.

Supporting Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament of Georgia is one of the main directions of the EU and UNDP Program’s broader initiative "Human Rights for All". A three-year program supports the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan of Human Rights.

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