Social Good Summit 2016: Working Together for Equality and Opportunities

Sep 30, 2016

A two-day innovative workshop “I Can / მე შემიძლია” kicked off in Tbilisi today to generate creative and realistic ideas about better opportunities for people with disabilities.

The workshop brought together a diverse group of people – civil servants, human rights activists, people with disabilities, artists and students, to discuss accessible urban transport for people with disabilities and social clichés deep-rooted in the Georgian society.

A large group of supporters joined the initiative through social media under a hashtag #ICan #მეშემიძლია.

“Everywhere in the world people choose the future which is free from discrimination and where everyone has opportunity to lead active life. We can achieve that if we work together to create and build future-proof solutions,” said Shombi Sharp, acting Head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Georgia in his welcome address to the workshop participants.

The innovative workshop is organised by UNDP in Georgia, with support from the European Union and the Govenrment of Turkey, and in partnership with the Administration of the Government of Georgia and innovative service laboratory "ServiceLab" at the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

“Innovative ideas generated as a result of this exercise will lay the ground to new initiatives that will promote the respect for human rights and will create active life opportunities for people with disabilities”, said Natalia Jaliashvili, Head of the Human Rights Secretariat at the Administration of the Government of Georgia.

Nina Khatiskatsi, Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, and Nana Tsiklauri, Deputy Head of the Public Service Development Agency, joined participants of “I Can / მე შემიძლია” for an opening session and showed their readiness to follow up on the workshop results. 

The innovative workshop “I Can / მე შემიძლია” echoes the global Social Good Summit 2016 which unites citizens in 190 world countries to solve challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals, the global development agenda adopted by the world leaders in 2015. 

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