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Inequality in focus as experts debate Georgia’s development prospects

SDGs provide policy framework to ensure “no one is left behind,” officials agree.  

UNDP Georgia New Year message

The 60-second challenge by UNDP Head Louisa Vinton  

Georgian municipalities join national efforts to reduce climate threats

UNDP-backed community forum discusses how to protect people from climate-driven disasters  

Energy, agriculture, industry and waste are main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Georgia

With the UNDP and GEF support, Georgia submits its Second Biennial Update Report to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  

Rural networking in action

EU and UNDP promote cooperation and networking for successful rural development in Georgia.  

20,000 people to benefit from a new community centre in Kachagani

UNDP support expands access to services for people in the rural areas.  

Protecting vulnerable communities from climate-driven disasters

Sweden funds USD 3.6-million boost to UNDP programme to reduce flood risk in Georgia.  

On International Mountain Day, Georgia celebrates the tenacity of its highlanders

“Mountains Matter” theme highlights the challenges and prospects of Georgia’s mountainous regions.  

Georgia ranks high in human development but loses 12 percent of its progress through inequalities

UNDP releases the 2019 Human Development Report “Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: inequalities in human development in the 21st Century”.  

With support from UNDP, Georgia adopts its first national strategy for statistics

Swedish-funded assistance aims to improve data collection, processing and dissemination  

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