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EU and UNDP help protect 34,000 hectares of forest in Georgia

Sustainable forests to support sustainable rural development  

Digitalize Your Business

The EU and UNDP offer rural entrepreneurs a digital business incubation opportunity  

Changing waste management practices in Georgian cities

UNDP Accelerator Lab conducts a behavioural experiment to support waste separation in Batumi and Tbilisi  

Promoting vaccination to save lives

UNDP and the Georgian National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health address vaccine hesitancy by kicking off the ‘Vaccines for Life’ campaign with the support of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland…  

Georgian and Ossetian youth to tell a story of life after conflict

The EU and UNDP help create virtual space for dialogue across conflict divides  

Social protection at the core of extreme poverty eradication

UNDP and the Social Service Agency kick off a new initiative to empower vulnerable families in Georgia  

Young people to advocate for voting in local elections

UNDP and Sweden are launching a campaign to educate first-time voters in Georgia  

Shall we go to vote?

UNDP and Sweden are launching a training programme for first-time voters  

UNESCO to protect Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands

Colchic Rainforest and Wetlands granted World Heritage Status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  

Supporting sustainable solutions in rural development

People at the centre of EU and UNDP support in the Ajara Autonomous Republic  

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