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Spread the word, not the virus

UNDP assists Georgia in raising the alarm about COVID-19 among vulnerable communities  

Women face an uphill climb in Georgia’s civil service

An invisible but rigid gender hierarchy systematically gives men the advantage, UNDP study shows.  

Georgia’s future parliament: with or without women?

UNDP’s new online platform “Equal Future” compares representation of women in national parliaments across Europe and Central Asia.  

Georgia adopts new participatory framework for policymaking

Whole-of-government approach, with mandatory public consultations, adopted for setting national policies.  

New vocational training initiatives fill skills gaps in Georgian agriculture

UNDP-Swiss partnership helps vocational colleges meet demand in promising tea and livestock sectors.  

New Mediators Association marks milestone in access to justice in Georgia

New Mediators Association presented the new opportunities that mediation brings to public to expand access to justice.  

Georgia joins world’s biggest survey of public opinion on climate change

UNDP launches an online platform to educate people on climate action and make their voices heard across to government leaders.  

Inequality in focus as experts debate Georgia’s development prospects

SDGs provide policy framework to ensure “no one is left behind,” officials agree.  

UNDP Georgia New Year message

The 60-second challenge by UNDP Head Louisa Vinton  

Georgian municipalities join national efforts to reduce climate threats

UNDP-backed community forum discusses how to protect people from climate-driven disasters  

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