Arbitrators’ Code of Ethics. 2020

Arbitrators’ Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Rules. 2020

Jul 10, 2020

The Arbitrators' Code of  Ethics provides a framework of ethical norms for arbitrators, obliging them to practice arbitration in a fair and just manner, abiding by independence, neutrality and impartiality and revealing any conflict of interest that may influence their judgement. It also sets communication rules for arbitrators and dispute parties, and requests arbitrators to avoid excessive and unnecessary expenses. 

A violation of the Code can lead to disciplinary proceedings before the GAA’s Ethics Committee that comprises of leading practitioners in the field and can impose sanctions ranging from confidential recommendations to expulsion from the Association.

The Arbitrators’ Code of Ethics developed by the Georgian Association of Arbitrators (GAA) in 2013 lacked an enforcement mechanism until 2018, when its Ethics Committee was established and disciplinary rules were introduced with EU and UNDP support.


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