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Youth initiatives to revive rural communities

UNDP and Denmark support the ideas of local youth in Georgia’s regions  

The economic and social potential of Georgia’s regions at the centre of development assistance

With funding from the governments of Austria and Switzerland, UNDP supports local initiatives in the Kvemo Kartli region  

EU and UNDP kick-off the Mayors for Economic Growth Facility in Georgia

Georgian municipalities explore new ways and tools to enhance inclusive economic growth and create jobs  

Striving for more against the odds

UNDP, Switzerland and Austria support entrepreneurs with disabilities  

Promoting entrepreneurship and investment opportunities

Investment Forum in mountainous Oni showcases the region’s potential to boost local economic development  

Looking beyond the crisis: investment potential of Georgia’s regions

Post-pandemic development perspectives of Guria in focus at the Regional Investment Forum  

Municipal investment profiles

A set of investment profiles for eight municipalities of Georgia  

Gurian tea: rebirth of tradition and trade

With UNDP support, small farmers are bringing Georgian tea back to the world stage  

Trade and tourism boost economic recovery in Georgia’s regions

UNDP, Switzerland and Austria showcase local economic initiatives in Kvemo Kartli  

Concept Note and Operational Plan for the Creation of Growth Hubs in Selected Regions of Georgia

An overview of the structure, services, functions, governance model and operational plans to establish a Growth Hub.  

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