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A coin in your pocket will be your shield

Women entrepreneurs in Georgia push for an equal and violence-free society  

Methodologies for Hazards Assessment, Modelling and Mapping

A detailed desk research and comparative analysis of the best international, regional and local practices of hazards modelling and mapping.  

The economic and social potential of Georgia’s regions at the centre of development assistance

With funding from the governments of Austria and Switzerland, UNDP supports local initiatives in the Kvemo Kartli region  

Georgia strives to hit vaccination milestones by the end of 2021

The Vaccines4Life campaign reaches out to socially vulnerable groups across Georgia  

Empowering rural women is key to post-pandemic recovery

On International Rural Women’s Day, national partners and donors highlight the role that women play in local economic and social development  

Protecting 24,000 people from floods

With US$4.5 million from the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Sweden, UNDP and the Roads Department of Georgia are launching flood protection works in four municipalities  

Vaccination myths and reality

A set of brochures provides trustworthy and reliable information about vaccines and vaccination.  

Promoting vaccination to save lives

UNDP and the Georgian National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health address vaccine hesitancy by kicking off the ‘Vaccines for Life’ campaign with the support of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland…  

Sustainable, Low Emission and Climate Sensitive Agriculture. 2021

A methodological manual for farmers and agricultural extension specialists  

Protecting people from climate-driven disasters

The Green Climate Fund, Sweden and Switzerland join forces with UNDP to assist Georgia to establish a landslide monitoring and forecasting system  

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