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Youth initiatives to revive rural communities

UNDP and Denmark support the ideas of local youth in Georgia’s regions  

Georgia strives to hit vaccination milestones by the end of 2021

The Vaccines4Life campaign reaches out to socially vulnerable groups across Georgia  

Vaccination myths and reality

A set of brochures provides trustworthy and reliable information about vaccines and vaccination.  

Promoting vaccination to save lives

UNDP and the Georgian National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health address vaccine hesitancy by kicking off the ‘Vaccines for Life’ campaign with the support of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland…  

Local initiatives revive social and economic life in Georgia’s regions

UNDP and partners support municipalities and communities in pandemic recovery  

Helping conflict-affected communities cope with the pandemic

UNDP provides equipment for clinic serving elderly along the administrative boundary line  

New UNDP grant programme promotes civic activism in Georgia

Civil society organizations in six regions receive USD 315,000 to encourage participation in local government  

UNDP helps rural women repair household budgets

Inputs distributed to 620 women-headed households using farming as a pandemic coping strategy  

Rural women receive support to cope with COVID-19

UNDP helps 480 women-headed households increase farm incomes during pandemic  

Assistance to the vulnerable in the focus of pandemic recovery

UNDP helps improve safety and living conditions in municipal shelters for homeless and older people  

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