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Georgia’s civil service moves to fully protect the rights of people with disabilities

The United Kingdom, UNDP and the Civil Service Bureau join efforts to address barriers that prevent people with disabilities from getting jobs in civil service  

A coin in your pocket will be your shield

Women entrepreneurs in Georgia push for an equal and violence-free society  

Youth initiatives to revive rural communities

UNDP and Denmark support the ideas of local youth in Georgia’s regions  

Methodologies for Hazards Assessment, Modelling and Mapping

A detailed desk research and comparative analysis of the best international, regional and local practices of hazards modelling and mapping.  

Improving air quality in Georgian cities

UNDP and Sweden assist Georgia to monitor air quality and introduce air protection policies  


Support to Conflict Transformation in the South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova  

EU4Climate project supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

EU4Climate supports the Eastern Partnership countries in implementing the Paris Agreement and improving climate legislation  

Reaching out to youth with the message of equality, inclusion and education

UNDP and Sweden are deepening partnerships with Georgian universities  

The economic and social potential of Georgia’s regions at the centre of development assistance

With funding from the governments of Austria and Switzerland, UNDP supports local initiatives in the Kvemo Kartli region  

The Villages of Tomorrow

The EU and UNDP are helping to transform rural lifestyles in Georgia  

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