Gender equality

Challenges & Opportunities

The national legislative framework in Georgia reflects key principles of gender equality and is in line with international commitments. However, the implementation lags behind and women still face discrimination and inequality in social, economic, and political life. The latest parliamentary (2016) and local (2017) elections left the country with only 15% women MPs, less than 14% of women in local councils and only one woman out of 64 directly elected mayors. Furthermore, Georgia faces around 35% gender pay gap and alarming statistics of gender-based violence. 

Commitment. Assistance. Empowerment. 

UNDP has been assisting Georgia to achieve its gender equality goals for over two decades by now. Our support is focused on economic and political empowerment of women and on creating policies and legal environment that promote meaningful equality between men and women in every area of life. UNDP’s collaboration with a wide range of partners, including Government, Parliament, civil society, academic institutions, private sector, international organizations and the media, contributes to establishing a powerful community built around the principles of equality and antidiscrimination.

Programmes and Initiatives

For gender equality in Georgia
Regional & Local Governance
Rural development
Confidence building

350 rural women

trained in different vocations and found jobs in local businesses in 2017

22 out of 41 women-led local projects got the state funding, and 14 women started new businesses

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