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Georgia is a middle-income country with 4046.8 US$ GDP per capita (GEOSTAT, 2017). Economic reforms and rapid growth in recent years, have not fully addressed the major economic challenges faced by the country – poverty and unemployment. While the national unemployment rate makes 13.9% (GEOSTAT, 2017), youth unemployment reaches 40% in some of the regions. According to World Bank, poverty declined from 35% in 2006 to 17.1% in 2016. Inequality also declined during the same period, indicating that prosperity was increasingly shared. However, the economy has not managed to expand the supply of jobs and reduce unemployment. These disparities can be bridged by systemic reforms in education and rural development, as well as by creating economic opportunities, improving access to education and training, and by building the environment where all stakeholders – government, civil society, private sector, communities and citizens – will engage into the sustainable development process.    

Education. Economic opportunities. Sustainable growth.

UNDP’s assistance to the economic development of Georgia focuses on promoting sustainable growth and creating developmental opportunities for people. We assist systemic reform of Vocational Education and Training (VET) attempting to make it more responsive to the labour market needs. We also help boost agriculture and rural development and improve access to services, education and technology for the rural population. Our programmes and initiatives contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and assist Georgia to fulfil its obligations under the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Programmes and Initiatives

Rural Development
Vocational Education and Training
Sustainable Agriculture in Ajara
Formal and Non-Formal Vocational Education and Training

60% of graduates

find jobs

after completing UNDP-supported vocational education and training courses.

200 new training modules, 8 new educational programmes and work-based learning opportunities were introduced in 6 colleges across Georgia.

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