Crisis prevention
and recovery

Working for peace & stability

Armed conflicts in the 1990’s and 2008 left Georgia with two breakaway regions, lost lives, some 275,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) and shattered confidence between the divided communities. Restoration of trust and attention to addressing the most pressing needs of those affected by the crisis are vital for reconciliation and peaceful transformation of the conflict.

With political stability and absence of violence on the ground, Georgia continues to be a model reformer within the region, ensuring domestic growth, positive business climate and an enabling environment for building a vibrant civil society. However, the unresolved conflicts, absence of durable solutions for IDPs, lack of human rights monitoring mechanisms in the conflict affected regions, as well as the challenges in Georgia’s relationship with Russia, remain the major obstacles to consolidating peace dividends and developing a new, forward-looking approach to development.

Human Security. Humanitarian Assistance. Recovery.

Impartiality and good standing makes UNDP a trusted partner to all parties to the conflict. Through this strategic positioning we are uniquely placed to deliver both humanitarian and recovery assistance, as well as to support local and international conflict transformation and peace-building efforts. People and their social and economic needs are in the centre of our work in the conflict affected regions. We promote confidence within and across divided communities and help people rebuild their lives disrupted by conflict.

Programmes and Initiatives

Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM)
Peace & Development Programme

Over 1 million people

on all sides of conflic divides

benefit from improved access to basic social services, agriculture technology and livelihoods as well as from civil society initiatives that attempt at creating enabling environment for local development and reconciliation.

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