Supporting Public Administration Reform in Georgia

Assistance to the Government of Georgia in the key areas of Public Administration Reform (PAR) 

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An effective, transparent and accountable public administration is a backbone of an open and responsive government which, according to the United Nations survey “My World”, is one of the key priorities for people around the world, including Georgia. With funds from the UK aid from the UK Government and in close cooperation with the national partners, UNDP assists the Government of Georgia to carry out the Public Administration Reform (PAR). The project echoes three out of six policy areas identified in the PAR Roadmap 2020: Policy Development and Coordination, Human Resources Management and Civil Service Reform, and Public Service Delivery.  

What we do

Policy Development and Coordination: We support the Government of Georgia in Government-wide policy planning and implementation and in introducing strong mechanisms for holistic monitoring and evaluation through training and consultancy support and methodological guidance.

Human Resources Management and Civil Service Reform: We assist formation of increasingly professional, uniformly trained civil service that enjoys protection from arbitrary decisions through increasing knowledge and awareness among civil servants about ongoing civil service reform and its implications;  operationalization of a unified training system; introduction of staff performance appraisal based on effective international models; development of tools for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and engagement of civil society organizations to provide evidence and practical solutions for enhancement of policy planning, civil service reform and public service delivery.

Public Service Delivery: By introducing common standards and principles of public service design and delivery, we work with the Government of Georgia to further institutionalize the achievements made in public service provision and ensure that they are sustainable, replicable and cover the ever-widening array of the government agencies that provide services to citizens and organizations. We also strive to contribute to increased usage of these services online, through improved e-governance platforms.


UNDP supports respective government agencies to: 

  • Introduce the unified standards of continuous learning and training, on-boarding and induction procedures for a merit-based civil service.
  • Advance public policy planning, monitoring and evaluation  practices .
  • Support the development of civil servants’ performance evaluation system
  • Put forward alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for more efficient settlements of the workforce disputes.
  • Enhance the quality of public services with greater accountability and responsiveness to citizens’ needs by integrating innovative, consistent and replicable methodologies.
  • Expand awareness on e-governance and encouraging citizens across the country to use online services.
  • Establish knowledge bases for e-governance service systems to be replicated at home and abroad.
  • Open experimentation spaces for organisations, commissioning periodic policy paper and small grant competitions to attract and expand local expertise along with employing the best, innovative international practices for advancing the Public Administration Reform.

Contact information

Project address

15a Paliashvili Street 
Tbilisi 0179 Georgia

Contact persons

Nana Tsiklauri
Project Manager

Gigi Bregadze
UNDP Democratic Governance Team Leader



Project start date:

July 2016

Estimated end date:

December 2020

Focus area:

  • eradicate poverty in all its forms and dimensions
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Georgia

    Implementing partner:

    GEO -Government Administration

    Full project information  

    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Department For International Development (dfid)
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2019 $605,889

    2018 $1,494,904

    2017 $1,453,173

    2016 $225,539

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