Twitter press conference

May 12, 2014

Twitter press conference Monday, May 12, 11 AM CET #FutureSpotters

A twitterstorm is to introduce and connect individuals who are building the future in Georgia, Armenia and in Egypt: skilled engineers, journalists, social and development workers, designers, eco farmers, environmental activists, collaborative consumption entrepreneurs, urban researchers, human rights activists, open source, open data enthusiasts and many more.

We think of it this way: the more we share individual experiences, the better our chances to build support around change-makers work in local communities and internationally.

Dozens of individuals across the globe come online at the same time and tweet #futurespotters in sync for one hour. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join, why should you?

  • you can catch up on groundbreaking work happening at the edges
  • you can give a shout out to projects you care about in the Caucasus and Egypt region
  • you are part of a global network and support Edgeryders as we march to spot the future.

Spotlight: We will also take Monday’s twitterstorm opportunity to release an open call for participation at the international gathering of the newly formed Futurespotters community - in Tbilisi, Georgia on the 24th-26th of June 2014. Save the date!

Event background: Spot the Future is a foresight exercise implemented in the spring of 2014, funded by the United Nations and driven by Edgeryders. It aims at detecting trends in the activist and social innovation scene in Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, as depicted by the citizens who drive them. Read more.

About Edgeryders: Edgeryders are a global community of over 2000 individuals experimenting with solutions to social, economic, ecological challenges. We collaborate online on our open, free and self-hosted platform, and gather physically about once a year in whole-community scale events. In 2013 a social enterprise was created to further the work of Edgeryders members and better support initiatives that need an organisational resource and infrastructure to leverage their impact.

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