Call for Innovative ideas

May 7, 2014

Diplohack // UNDP Innovation Challenge opens a call for innovative ideas that enhance cooperation between citizens and decision makers for solving social problems. In short, we are asking to submit proposals for innovative solutions, technical or non-technical, to resolve problems citizens are facing on a day-to-day basis. These problems can be related to a wide range of topics, including crime, traffic, government services, waste, green spaces, etc.

Successful models will be eligible for further funding and development. The best ideas will be rewarded with prizes, and will receive a micro-grant to pilot their projects for a three-month period. The best proposals will be awarded up to USD 3,000.

If you are interested in submitting an idea, please send an email to
Deadline for submission of the proposals is May 25, 24:00.

Submission requirements:

Project proposals should include a detailed description of an idea for citizen engagement in decision-making based on practical experience. This should include:

•    Issues faced by citizens and a method to resolve them;
•    Tools used to approach decision-makers;
•    Potential outcomes;
•    A plan for the sustainability of the project;
•    Any partners or outside funding used in the project.

Applicants are only eligible to submit one proposal within the competition.

Background Information: 

In the summer of 2013 Georgia joined UN Global Survey 'MY World' asking people worldwide to choose their priorities for a better world. The results have been shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. UNDP-led national consultations in Georgia included focus group discussions which were held in all administrative districts and 22 cities of Georgia  covering over 600 respondents, as well as online and sms voting through centralized and local platforms with over 3,000 voters, as well as UNICEF Social Well-Being survey covering up to 4,000 respondents nation-wide and the Youth Survey, carried out in October-November 2013. Key priorities for Georgia echoed the global ones concentrating on health, education, employment, security and honest and responsive government. Central to focus group discussions was the need of a better model of citizen decision-maker interaction allowing for the local needs to permeate upstream policy dialogue. To achieve these goals UNDP Georgia partnered with RDFG (Rural Development for Future Georgia). 

Meanwhile from April 28th – 29th the Freedom Online Coalition held a conference in Tallinn, Estonia, to promote free expression, association, assembly, and privacy online - worldwide. To underline the importance of Freedom Online, the Dutch Embassy and UNDP Georgia are hosting the joint event. Dutch embassies have organized successful Diplohacks in London and Tallinn. Simultaneously, the event is the first round of UNDP's Innovation Challenge, a series of events aimed at fostering youth engagement in developing innovative solutions for social issues. 

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