Economic Development

Sustainable growth and democratic reforms are in focus of UNDP assistance to economic development of Georgia. We work closely with the Government, private sector and local communities to ensure that the benefits of economic growth reach those who still live in poverty.

Our Goals

We promote professional education tailored to the labour market needs, and assist local development and small businesses. Our programmes in many regions of Georgia help to boost agriculture and provide farmers with better access to knowledge, training and up-to-date agriculture technologies. We also assist international and regional trade as one of the instruments of human development and promote a concept of Green Economy as an alternative vision for growth. more

Employment for Development

More than 4,000 students graduated from UNDP-supported vocational education courses since 2010. 70% were employed by local businesses and industries. Photo: Daro Sulakauri/UNDP More information

Our Stories

Life on the Edge

For those living in crisis areas, life is marked by a constant sense of insecurity. Disappointed in the present and distrustful of the future, such crisis-affectedmore 

Connecting Lives with Agriculture

Mikeladze is one of those people who were born to be farmers. He used to grow potatoes, but now is passionate for blueberry farming.more 

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