Our Stories

  • Georgian Highlanders Learn How to Make Development Work

    Civil initiatives roll out in Georgia to resolve local problems and encourage citizens to become more active in running their regions.

  • Local Development in the Hands of Civic Initiatives

    Non-governmental organizations engage in the implementation of regional development strategies.

  • People Know What’s Good for Them

    Self-governance becomes a reality in Georgian villages.

  • The Country of Regions

    Georgia is looking for an effective model of regional and local development.

  • The Story of Floods

    200 thousand residents of Rioni river basin feel safer with the modern methods in flood management.

  • Flood Management in the Rioni River Basin

    Shoreline protection in the Rioni river basin anchors the riverbank to safeguard people for years to come.

  • After the Flood

    Natela Benidze from the rural village of Chalistavi was one of those people hit hardest by flooding and landslides in Georgia.

  • I am a Woman

    A choir conductor, a farmer, an entrepreneur and a wheelchair fencer - they are all women who change the world in their own way.

  • Peace Building Game On

    What do online gaming and peacebuilding have in common? A simple answer is they both need people to do the job together. To succeed in both building peace and network gaming, you have to be willing to communicate openly.

  • His Blueberry Days

    The Mikeladze blueberry plot is one of the first attempts in Ajara to set up an agricultural cooperative. With assistance from EU and UNDP, local farmers are trying the idea weighing the risks and benefits.