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  • Flood Management in the Rioni River BasinFlood Management in the Rioni River BasinShoreline protection in the Rioni river basin anchors the riverbank to safeguard people for years to come.

  • The Guesthouse in the SkyThe Guesthouse in the SkyIrakli Gagoidze family lives in the village Shekaqo, Tusheti region- one of the richest protected areas in the Caucasus. They are only ones who stay here all year round.

  • Earth, Wind and Organic PollutantsEarth, Wind and Organic PollutantsThe problem of Persistent Organic Pollutants has no boundaries; it affects us all, says George Nikolaidis from Greek waste management company.

  • After the FloodAfter the FloodNatela Benidze from the rural village of Chalistavi was one of those people hit hardest by flooding and landslides in Georgia.

  • Sheep, Grass and WaterSheep, Grass and WaterThe EU-funded project "Clima East: Sustainable Management of Pastures in Georgia" promotes effective pasture management in the Vashlovani Protected Areas and makes the lives of Tush shepherds more stable and secure.

  • Skills Up for Safer WorldSkills Up for Safer WorldTraining in refrigeration service runs in several professional colleges in Georgia. This relatively new profession attracts more and more students who apply their skills and knowledge in different industries.

  • A Year after the WarA Year after the WarGocha Petriashvili was an agronomist in Nuli, a small village close to Tskhinvali. Now he lives in the Akhalsopeli settlement far away from home and plans to grow wheat.

  • Confidence that Leads to AchievementConfidence that Leads to AchievementYouth camps, professional training, research, healthcare services and business development make an incomplete list of joint UNDP/EU initiative.

  • Peace Building Game OnPeace Building Game OnTech-driven initiatives of peace for Abkhaz and Georgian youth.

  • Rebuilding Lives in the Crisis AreasRebuilding Lives in the Crisis AreasNana Shonia is a dentist in a small village at the administrative boundary line with Abkhazia. Her patients come from both sides of the conflict divide since she is the only dentist in the area.

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