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  • People Know What’s Good for Them

    Self-governance becomes a reality in Georgian villages.

  • The Country of Regions

    Georgia is looking for an effective model of regional and local development.

  • Connecting Lives with Agriculture

    “Blueberry farming was new in our village. People were doubtful when we started. But now, as they see our field blooming, they feel much keener to follow our example,” “says Tengiz Mikeladze from Ajara.

  • Loud and clear: Rethinking service design in Georgia

    112 is one of the most dialed phone numbers in Georgia. However, since it is only reachable through a voice call, those living with speech or hearing impairments simply don’t have the option.

  • His Blueberry Days

    The Mikeladze blueberry plot is one of the first attempts in Ajara to set up an agricultural cooperative. With assistance from EU and UNDP, local farmers are trying the idea weighing the risks and benefits.

  • Earth, Wind and Organic Pollutants

    230 tons of persistent organic pollutants repacked at the Iagluja dump site in Georgia to save people an environment from contamination.

  • What does it take to be a woman farmer in Georgia?

    From seven courageous women to the national Association of Women Farmers.

  • I am a Woman

    A choir conductor, a farmer, an entrepreneur - they are all women who change the world in their own way.

  • Elections and the Media

    Media monitoring during elections helps understand the principles of journalism and the challenges of professional reporting.

  • The Voice of Georgia

    MYWorld survey reveals top developmental priorities valued by most Georgians.

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