Biomass Production and Utilization in Georgia


  Biomass briquettes made of vineshoots. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP

UNDP and the Global Environment Facility assist Georgia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and explore local resources of renewable energy. 

The present initiative facilitates a shift from fossil to biomass fuels, and promotes the production and utilization of biomass in the municipal sector of Georgia.

What We Do

In close cooperation with the national and local authorities of Georgia, UNDP works to encourage demand for the upgraded biomass fuels and promote supply at the municipal level. The production and and utilization of biomass fuels is being supported through an investment grant mechanism and targeted public outreach to stimulate market.

Expected Results

  • Establishment of 10 pilot biomass upgrading plants in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia.
  • Increased market confidence in the production and utilisation of biomass fuells, especially in heating applications.
  • Increased public awareness about the benefits of upgraded biomass fuels.

Success Stories and Bliogs

Who finances it

Total Budget US$ 1,080,000
UNDP       US$    155,000
GEF US$    925,000


2014 US$ 190,866.71
2013 US$   28,229.81