Clima East: Sustainable Management of Pastures in Georgia


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Clima East is the initiative of the European Union to assist national governments in Eastern Neighbourhood to mitigate and adapt to the climate change by introducing innovative practices of pasture management.

In Georgia, Clima East works to improve pasture management in the Vashlovani Protected Areas. The European Union and UNDP work with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, and Agency for Protected Areas of Georgia to improve pasture management in the Vashlovani Protected Areas.


 Photo: Antonio di Vico/UNDP
  • 4,000 ha of degraded pastures and 300 ha of sheep migratory routes have been fully rehabilitated.
  • Two pilot farms have been set up, demonstrating best practices for sustainable pasture management. 
  • A water supply system is in place tp provide water to fifteen farms, greatly increasing the efficiency of farming and grazing.
  • Two automatic meteorological stations have been installed and connected to the national system. 
  • A unified veterinary service for Tush shepherds established to meet the needs of approximately 30 thousand sheep in the region.

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Success Stories

  • Sheep, Grass and Water

    Sustainable pastures management makes the lives of Tush shepherds more stable and secure.


Who finances it

Total Budget US$  1,389,609
European Union US$   1,298,700
UNDP US$       26,900


2014 US$ 520,423.91
2013 US$ 114,709.79

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