Climate Resilient Flood and Flash Flood Management


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Afforestation works along the Rioni river bank. March 2015. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP

Georgia is highly exposed to hydro-meteorological threats that become more frequent and intensive over time as a result of climate change. UNDP provides assistance to the Government of Georgia and most vulnerable regions of the country to adapt effectively and introduce climate resilient economic practices.

What We Do

In partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection and the National Environment Agency of Georgia, we work in the basin of one of the Georgia’s largest rivers – Rioni.

  • We assist in developing policies that will promote resilience to flood and flash flood risks;
  • We work with the local communities to introduce flood management practices;
  • We assist in establishing an early warning system to improve preparedness and adaptation of the local population.

Some results so far

A topographic survey of the Rioni channels is going on in partnership with the National Environment Agency.

UNDP facilitated a series of researches and desk studies to collect complete and credible information about the hydro-meteorological threats in the Rioni Basin. This includes: 

  • Analysis of all existing datasets related to the Rioni Basin and a scoping exercise to identify high risk areas in three municipalities.
  • GIS analysis of the Rioni Basin to support hydrological and hydraulic modelling.
  • Geomorphological and geotechnical studies.

UNDP also helped to digitize the historic information about the Rioni Basin, including the data on floods, flash floods, mudflows, landslides and other natural hazards. In addition, we continue our work with the Government to review the legislation on land use and the existing building codes and standards.

Who finances it

Total Budget US$ 5,060,000
Adaptation Fund US$ 4,900.000
UNDP US$ 160,000


2014 US$ 1,083,513.95
2013 US$ 1,104,280.02
2012 US$     75,614
Start date:
May 2012
End date:
December 2016
Geographic coverage:
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia; National Environmental Agency
Millennium Development Goal
Ensure environmental sustainability
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Project Document
Contact Information

150, Agmashenebeli Ave.
National Environmental Agency
Tbilisi 0112 Georgia

Contact Person

Ivane Tsiklauri
Project Manager 
Cell: +995 558 127227


Contact Person in UNDP

Nino Antadze
Environment and Energy Team Leader