Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia


 International conference in Georgia: Committing to Openness - Parliamentary Action Plans, Standards, and Tools. 2015. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP

The European Union and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) join hands to assist the Parliament of Georgia in its efforts to represent the needs and views of citizens more effectively, streamline law-making processes and enhance governmental control. Much focus is placed on strengthening cooperation with the European counterparts, launching public dialogue about European integration and ensuring easier access to public information. 

What We Do


The  European Union and UNDP assistance contributes to the following key areas:

  • Completing Parliament’s Institutional Reform Plan.
  • Advancing Parliament’s relations with international counterparts and ensuring effective communication to public.
  • Inviting high-level international advisors for strategic advice to the Parliament’s leadership.
  • Strengthening technical support to committees and factions.
  • Increasing Parliament’s role in European integration process.

Some results so far

  • Enacted Institutional Reform Plan and revised Rules of Procudures.
  • Parliament of Georgia actively engaged in Open Government Partnership (OGP) Initiative and adopts the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan.
  • Development of the committee strategic action plans in progress.
  • Enhanced coordination with the Government of Georgia and other partners to promote the European Integration agenda.
  • Public awareness campaigns on the European integration and related reforms.

Who finances it

European Union
EUR 3,000,000.00 
Parliament of Georgia
EUR    330,000.00 


2014 US$ 997,926.70