Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia


 International conference in Georgia: Committing to Openness - Parliamentary Action Plans, Standards, and Tools. 2015. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP

The European Union and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) join hands to assist the Parliament of Georgia in its efforts to represent the needs and views of citizens more effectively, streamline law-making processes and enhance governmental control.

The programme focuses on promoting cooperation with the European counterparts, public dialogue about European integration and easier access to public information. 

What We Do

The assistance of the European Union and UNDP contributes to the following key areas:

  • Development and implementation of the institutional reform of the Parliament of Georgia.
  • Increased transparency of the Parliament’s operation.
  • Improved communication with the public.
  • Increased citizen engagement in the legislative process.
  • Advanced cooperation with international counterparts.
  • High-level international advice for the Parliament’s leadership.
  • Strengthened policy-making and oversight capacities of the parliamentary committees.
  • Increased role of the Parliament in the process of the European integration, including in raising public awareness on related reforms.

Some results so far

 Newly elected MPs start their work in the Parliament of Georgia with an induction programme supported by the European Union and UNDP. November 2016. Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP
  • The Institutional Reform Plan developed and adopted by the Parliament Bureau.
  • The Parliament of Georgia actively engaged in the Open Government Partnership (OGP): The Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan (2015-2016) developed; fulfillment of the openness commitments is ongoing; the Parliament’s Permanent Council on Open and Transparent Governance established.
  • The communications strategy and action plan of the Parliament of Georgia developed.
  • Public information campaigns launched to increase awareness on the European integration.
  • The mandate of the Parliament’s International Relations Department expanded to include MP support in inter-parliamentary relations.
  • The committee action plans designed for the four sector committees.
  • The EU Law Harmonization Manual developed and the staff training kicked off.
  • The Committee Staff Manual developed.
  • A four-phase induction program for the newly-elected MPs designed and launched.
  • The capacity building programme launched for the MPs and Parliament staff.

Who finances it

European Union
EUR 3,000,000.00 
Parliament of Georgia
EUR    330,000.00 


2016 US$ 375,568.27
2015 US$ 987,669.67
2014 US$ 997,926.70

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