Integrated Border Management at Ninotsminda-Bavra


UNDP Georgia borders
New vehicles enhance border units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. December 2012. Photo: David Khizanishvili/UNDP

A joint UNDP and European Union initiative assists the Georgian and Armenian governments in reducing the barriers for trade, transit and movement of people across the Ninotsminda - Bavra Border, a crossing point between two countries. Integrated Border Management (IBM), one of the most effective mechanisms to maintain open but secure borders, requires further institutional development and capacity building of the local agencies.

What We Do

This initiative builds upon the successful experience and achievements of the previous South Caucasus Integrated Border Management Programme which ended in September 2012. Our main goal is to complement the efforts of the governments in improving security, reducing smuggling and trafficking, smoothing the mobility of people across Georgia-Armenia border.


  • Local agencies in Georgia and Armenia developed IBM regulatory frameworks and policies. Bilateral procedures for improved border crossing at Bavra-Ninotsminda and elsewhere have been agreed.
  • Intra-Agency & inter-Agency Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) developed; 
  • New equipment and infrastructure;
  • Professional skills training in document security, risk assessment and profiling, refugee law and asylum rights, international property rights and identification of counterfeit goods and many other;
  • Public understanding of, and confidence in the work of Border Agencies improved, and Border Agencies have enhanced public service ethos and culture, based on the highest standards of accountability, transparency and professional integrity.

Who finances it

European Union  US$ 291,451


2013 US$ 260,167.80
 US$  31,930   
Start date:
November 2012
End date:
October 2013
Geographical coverage:
Georgia, Armenia
International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) - Austria; State Border Guard & Customs Service - Latvia
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Project Document
Contact Person in UNDP

Natia Natsvlishvili
Democratic Governance Team Leader