Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM)


UNDP Georgia crisis
Peace performance in the Sukhumi Youth House. Photo: UNDP

This joint EU/UNDP programme supports immediate and concrete initiatives, which seek to have an impact on confidence building within and across conflict divided communities. The objective of COBERM is to foster a peaceful transformation of conflicts.

What We Do

COBERM prioritizes ideas/projects facilitating direct people-to-people contacts across conflict divides. However, opportunities are also sought to support the enhancement of an enabling environment within the divided communities. It is particularly interested in projects that help to:

  • promote culture of tolerance;
  • facilitate dialogue within and between the divided communities;
  • address security and safety concerns of marginalized communities;
  • contribute to good governance and media;
  • strengthen community capacities including empowerment of women to play a more prominent role in non-violent conflict resolution;
  • infrastructure development initiatives (particularly where there may be a positive 'spill over' effect near the Administrative Border Lines).

Some results so far

UNDP Georgia conflict
Medical chek-up in the rehabilitated clinic in Nikozi near the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia. October 2012. Photo: David Khizanishvili/UNDP

COBERM has proved to be an effective mechanism for creating a space for testing innovative approaches to confidence building and opening new channels for communication and productive exchange across conflict divides. 

In 2010-2015, COBERM has supported 130 initiatives, including for youth summer camps, peace journalism, healthcare programmes, and joint programmes for Abkhaz, Georgian and Ossetian farmers, scholars, researchers and writers.  


Who finances it?

European Union US$ 6,476,683.94
Government of the Netherlands US$    259,740.26


2012 US$    259,033.27
2013 US$ 2,876,985.04
2014 US$ 3,194,044.41
Start date:
May 2012
End date:
September 2015
Geographic coverage:

Funded by the European Union 


Contribution from the Government of the Netherlands

Contact Information

6 Mirtskhulava Street, 2nd Floor
Tbilisi 0179 Georgia
995 32 2224751

Contact Person

Irina Liczek
Project Manager

Contact Person in UNDP

Natia Natsvlishvili
Assistant Resident Representative