Economic Development


Ajara Tourists Survey. 2011

This analytical report identifies the existing needs and challenges of the tourism sector in the Ajara Autonomous Republic to assist the Ajara Tourism Agency in preparing a realistic and adequate tourism development policy.   The report is reflecting the results of the survey conducted in 2011more


Aid for Trade Needs Assessment for Georgia: Trade and Human Development

The assessment of the needs of trade development in Georgia and recommendations for policy makers on the wide range of the policy options for further facilitating access of entrepreneurs to local and foreign markets for goods and services. The initiative is an integral part of the regional Aid formore


Kakheti Regional Development Strategy 2009-2014

The regional development strategy for one of Georgia's richest and most diverse regions - Kakheti has been prepared by the Administration of the Kakheti Governor and the Kakheti Regional Development Agency with financial and technical support from UNDP and the Government of Romania. The Strategymore


Sustainable economic growth and democratic reforms are in focus of UNDP assistance to economic development of Georgia. We work closely with the Government and private sector to ensure that the benefits of economic growth reach those who still live in poverty. We promote professional education and assist local development, agriculture and small business.