Millenium Development Goals


As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration of September 2000, Georgia is committed to fulfilling the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that address specific Georgian needs. For each of the eight MDGs there are a number of national targets adjusted for Georgia. First MDG Report produced in 2004 was followed by the Progress Report in 2005. No other official reports were produced since then except 2007 Tbilisi MDG Report by the Mayor’s Office with the support from UNDP. However, many of the state strategies were positively affecting the achievement of the Goals. In 2010, the MDG Coordination Group was launched at the Parliament of Georgia to coordinate the achievement of the national Millennium Development Goals. With assistance from UNDP, UN agencies in Georgia and in cooperation with the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, the Parliament of Georgia published a practical guide to establish the mechanisms of parliamentary engagement with the MDGs.