National Human Development Report: The Reforms and Beyond. 2008

17 Dec 2008


The report examines the impact of post-Rose Revolution reforms on human development opportunities in Georgia. It looks at the way the reforms have affected the efficiency of the economy, social equity, sustainability of the political, economic and social environment, physical and economic security, and the level of people's empowerment to take control of their lives.


Working team:

Project coordinator: Viktor Baramia

Lead author: George Welton

Co-authors: Tinatin Zurabishvili and Natalia Nozadze

Research assistant: George Kiziria

Human development advisors: Andrey Ivanov and Shahrabanou Tadjbakhsh

Authors of background papers: Givi Kutidze, Eka Avaliani, Lasha Gotsiridze, Giorgi Berulava, Tato Urjumelashvili, Shorena Abesadze, Tinatin Zurabishbili, Vakhtang Megrelishvili, Keti Kinkladze, Nino Kizikurashvili, Giorgi Meladze.

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