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Closed projects

Strengthening the Climate Adaptation Capacities in Georgia

Assistance to strengthen Georgia's national capacities in adapting to climate change.  

Development of Red Bridge Border Crossing Point between Georgia and Azerbaijan

The project supports the governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia to secure their borders and facilitate legal passing of persons and goods at the Red Bridge Border Crossing Point.  

Strengthening National Decision Making towards Ratification of the Minamata Convention

Assistance to the Government of Georgia to undertake an initial assessment of Mercury, determine the national requirements and needs for the ratification of the Minamata Convention and establish a…  


Completed. 2013-2016  

Promoting Biomass Production and Use in Georgia

Assistance to encourage demand for the upgraded biomass fuels and promote supply at the municipal level.  

Clima East: Sustainable Management of Pastures in Georgia

Clima East is the initiative of the European Union to assist national governments in Eastern Neighbourhood to mitigate and adapt to the climate change. In Georgia, Clima East works to improve pasture…  

Climate Resilient Flood and Flash Flood Management

Assistance to the government of Georgia to introduce climate resilient economic practices and adaptation measures in the Rioni river basin.  

Sustainable Livelihoods and Responsible Attitude to Environment

A joint initiative of the Government of Georgia, Government of Finland and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aimed to bring back to life Borjomi forest damaged after a wildfire during…  

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