Ongoing projects

Mediation and Arbitration

A joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and UNDP to promote the use of fair and efficient mediation and arbitration in commercial disputes, enhance professionalism of Georgian mediators and…  

Fostering Decentralisation and Good Governance at the Local Level

Assistance to the national and local authorities of Georgia to promote a nation-wide policy reform of decentralisation and local self-governance.  

Fostering Regional and Local Development in Georgia

Assistance to the Government of Georgia in the implementation of a systemic reform of regional and local governance.  

Supporting Public Administration Reform

Assistance to the Government of Georgia in developing an effective, transparent and accountable public administration.  

Human Rights for All

The UN Joint programme supports human rights implementation and monitoring in the areas prioritised by the EU-Georgia agreements.  

UN Joint Programme for Gender Equality in Georgia

Three UN agencies – UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA – join hands to address the challenges of gender equality in Georgia.  

Governance Reform Fund

Assistance to the Government of Georgia in the implementation of major institutional reforms.  

Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia

Assistance to the Parliament of Georgia in its efforts to promote legislative openness, improve law-making and enhance government oversight  

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Discussion of the research findings on professional development of civil servants in Georgia.

Summarizing the achievements of the EU4Justice programme in 2016-2018.

UNDP, Government of Sweden assist the Georgian Public Service Hall to introduce inclusive public…

Georgian Parliament is reforming its research and analytical service.

The Legal Aid Service helps vulnerable people who seek justice before the law.

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OGP activists advocate for openness, accountability and citizen engagement.

Irma, Ketevan and Keti— three achievers who move forward against the odds, and change the world one…

Georgian and Polish post-industrial cities follow the same path of urban revival.

Reflections from Georgia's first National Conference on Gender Equality in Local Self Governance.

Overcoming challenges faced by Georgian women on their way to politics.

Georgia makes good progress to open and transparent governance, and youth is eager to take part.

We asked about responsible production and consumption and got an answer from a 10-year old.

One-stop-shop Public Service Hall inspires change in service delivery.

Faster and simpler services help UNDP make a change in people’s lives.

The research explores the strengths and challenges of the state program on development of employment…

A collection of 16 initiatives of 12 Georgian CSOs to support the ongoing Public Administration…

The final media monitoring reports of the 2018 Presidential Elections in Georgia and retrospective…

The collection of publications includes “Handbook on Performance Appraisal of Civil Servants”,…

The procedural description of dispute settlement in the public service - the gradual review of the…

The report examines online media performance during the 2018 Presidential Elections in Georgia.

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