Model reformer

Georgia is the region’s leader in democratic reform. The fundamental transformation of public services, successful fight against corruption and evident advancement of the electoral systems and processes are getting the country closer to achieving consolidated democracy and Euro-Atlantic integration. In 2016, Georgia signed an Association Agreement with the European Union and, in 2017, was granted Visa Free Travel with the EU countries. National and local elections conducted since 2012, despite some isolated irregularities, were largely acknowledged by international and national observers as democratic, transparent and well-administered.

All voices must be heard

Despite these impressive achievements, Georgia still faces unresolved challenges in the areas of judiciary and access to justice, effective local governance, meaningful gender equality, media freedom and human rights. While moving forward on the path of democratic transformation, the country aims to strengthen democratic institutions, enhance transparency and accountability of all branches of power, and ensure that the needs of its citizens – men, women, minorities, vulnerable and marginalized groups – are being heard and considered in decision-making.

Transparency. Efficiency. Inclusiveness.

UNDP helps create a more transparent, efficient and equitable governance system where citizens can take part in decision-making. Our Democratic Governance programme is based on the fundamental principles of good governance, human rights and rule of law. We help Georgia create strong state systems and transparent institutions that respond to the needs of people.

Georgia chairs OGP in 2018

open government partnership

making ambitious steps forward to achieving transparency, openness and citizen engagement in governance and law-making.

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